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Robert Pincus

No question that selling your home can be so stressful and debilitating to yourself and your family. After almost three years and at least 80 interested purchasers, no contract or offer. Everyone said the house was in a PRIME neighbor¬hood and was indeed beautiful, but either to large, not a big enough yard (by the way parking for 6 cars), and of course the price was too high. Enter Michael Kay and in 45 days the house was sold. Why, he just didn’t SHOW the house in a walk thru to the would be purchasers he SOLD the house. The purchasers also said to big, and expensive, but Mi¬chael overcame their issues by extolling the virtues and how the positive attributes outweighed the issues they might have had. Not only was the purchase price within a few per cent of the asking price, he also sold all of the furniture in the house to the purchaser. The contract did have a 30-day settlement period and within 48 hours after the purchase contract was executed he showed my wife and I at least ten properties and we purchased one of them within a week and settled within the given time frame, coincidently from the listing realtor who had the original listing on the house we sold for the entire period it was on the market. A win-win for all and for this experience we are now stress free and we salute Michael and The Fleisher Group.